Jpn. J. Infect. Dis., 60 (1), 59-61, 2007

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Short Communication

A Case of Japanese Spotted Fever Complicated with Acute Myocarditis

Yasushi Fukuta*, Fumihiko Mahara1, Tadanori Nakatsu2, Tetsuya Yoshida2 and Masaji Nishimura

Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, The University of Tokushima Faculty of Medicine, Tokushima 770-8503; 1Cardiovascular Surgery and Internal Medicine, Mahara Hospital, Tokushima 779-1510; and 2Division of Pediatrics, Tokushima Red Cross Hospital, Tokushima 773-8502, Japan

(Received August 11, 2006. Accepted November 13, 2006)

*Corresponding author: Mailing address: Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, 3-18-15 Kuramoto, Tokushima 770-8503, Japan. Tel: +81-88-633-9347, Fax: +81-88-633-9339, E-mail:

SUMMARY: Japanese spotted fever (JSF) is caused by Rickettsia japonica. Although it induces a variety of complications, acute myocarditis has never been reported as a complication of JSF. We treated a JSF patient who developed acute myocarditis. To our knowledge, this is the first case of JSF complicated with acute myocarditis.

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