General features

Gene IDMYPE1490
General namemucB
DefinitionDNA-damage repair protein MucB
nt length1161
aa length386
COG[L] Replication, recombination and repair

Orthologs (if any)

Bacteria*Reciprocally best hit toScoreE-value
mpneMPN537 mucB Hypothetical protein 659664:6584261221.0e-29
mgengi|12045220 conserved hypothetical protein [Mycoplasma genitalium]1355.2e-34
mpulgi|15828659 DNA-DAMAGE REPAIR PROTEIN MUCB [Mycoplasma pulmonis]1242.6e-30
mmobgi|47459110 DNA-damage repair protein [Mycoplasma mobile 163K]1471.8e-37
mmycgi|42561082 DNA polymerase IV [Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides SC]1572.3e-40
mgalgi|31544777 UmuC/DinP-like [Mycoplasma gallisepticum R]1798.9e-47
uuregi|13358000 conserved hypothetical [Ureaplasma urealyticum]1494.5e-38
bsubgi|16079444 similar to DNA-damage repair protein [Bacillus subtilis]1601.2e-40
cacegi|15893577 DNA-damage repair protein, dinP/uvrX ortholog [Clostridium acetobutylicum]1115.9e-26
ecoligi|16128217 DNA polymerase IV [Escherichia coli K12]1232.3e-29

*mpne, Mycoplasma pneumoniae; mgen, Mycoplasma genitalium; mpul, Mycoplasma pulmonis; mmob, Mycoplasma mobile; mmyc, Mycoplasma mycoides; mgal, Mycoplasma gallisepticum; uure, Ureaplasma urealyticum; bsub, Bacillus subtilis; cace, Clostridium acetobutylicum; ecoli, Escherichia coli K-12;

Pfam search result

ModelNo.DescriptionPosition (aa)ScoreE-value

IMS1impB/mucB/samB family8-338221.22.6e-63

BLAST search result (top 10 hits)

gi|26553602DNA-damage repair protein MucB [Mycoplasma penetrans HF-2] 18540.0e+00
gi|23099313DNA damage inducible protein [Oceanobacillus iheyensis HTE831] 4221.7e-39
gi|89099009DNA polymerase IV [Bacillus sp. NRRL B-14911] 4212.3e-39
gi|149181624DNA polymerase IV [Bacillus sp. SG-1] 4096.2e-38
gi|163763760Propionyl-CoA carboxylase [Bacillus selenitireducens MLS10] 4096.4e-38
gi|52080931YqjH [Bacillus licheniformis DSM 13] 4042.3e-37
gi|169632191DNA polymerase IV, devoid of proofreading, damage-inducible protein P [Acinetoba... 4014.3e-37
gi|169797618DNA polymerase IV [Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC 17978] 4014.9e-37
gi|163941893DNA-directed DNA polymerase [Bacillus weihenstephanensis KBAB4] 3961.6e-36
gi|167038401DNA-directed DNA polymerase [Thermoanaerobacter pseudethanolicus ATCC 33223] 3961.9e-36

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