General features

Gene IDMYPE6770
General name
Definitionconserved hypothetical protein, similar to exported protein of Yersinia pestis AJ414151, Expect=1.3e-20, Identities =38%
nt length480
aa length159
COG[-] not in COGs

Orthologs (if any)

Bacteria*Reciprocally best hit toScoreE-value
cacegi|15896897 Predicted flavodoxin [Clostridium acetobutylicum]751.8e-15

*cace, Clostridium acetobutylicum;

Pfam search result

no hits.

BLAST search result (top 10 hits)

gi|26554131conserved hypothetical protein [Mycoplasma penetrans HF-2] 7691.6e-80
gi|154495249hypothetical protein PARMER_04305 [Parabacteroides merdae ATCC 43184] 3523.9e-32
gi|154173989flavodoxin [Campylobacter curvus 525.92] 3372.0e-30
gi|169350291hypothetical protein CLOSPI_01035 [Clostridium spiroforme DSM 1552] 3336.7e-30
gi|160932883hypothetical protein CLOLEP_01724 [Clostridium leptum DSM 753] 3263.5e-29
gi|53713196conserved hypothetical protein [Bacteroides fragilis YCH46] 3255.3e-29
gi|167754713hypothetical protein CLORAM_00217 [Clostridium ramosum DSM 1402] 3246.0e-29
gi|32266530conserved hypothetical protein [Helicobacter hepaticus ATCC 51449] 3247.0e-29
gi|164687023hypothetical protein CLOBAR_00649 [Clostridium bartlettii DSM 16795] 3211.5e-28
gi|154498989hypothetical protein BACCAP_02981 [Bacteroides capillosus ATCC 29799] 3201.8e-28

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