General features

Gene IDMYPE7310
General name
Definitionconserved hypothetical, similar to OrfE1 of Mycoplasma fermentans AF179376 Expect=4.6e-52, Identities=33%
nt length1329
aa length442
COG[R] General function prediction only

Orthologs (if any)

Bacteria*Reciprocally best hit toScoreE-value
mmycgi|42560596 Conserved hypothetical protein [Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides SC]1443.0e-36
ecoligi|16128399 bifunctional: diaminohydroxyphosphoribosylaminopyrimidine deaminase (N-terminal); 5-amino-6-(5-phosphoribosylamino) uracil reductase [Escherichia coli K12]263.5e+00

*mmyc, Mycoplasma mycoides; ecoli, Escherichia coli K-12;

Pfam search result

no hits.

BLAST search result (top 10 hits)

gi|26554187conserved hypothetical [Mycoplasma penetrans HF-2] 22130.0e+00
gi|148643257predicted ATPase, AAA+ superfamily [Methanobrevibacter smithii ATCC 35061] 8301.1e-86
gi|60280061conserved hypothetical protein [uncultured murine large bowel bacterium BAC 54B] 7851.5e-81
gi|148643587predicted ATPase, AAA+ superfamily [Methanobrevibacter smithii ATCC 35061] 7681.8e-79
gi|53715551conserved hypothetical protein [Bacteroides fragilis NCTC 9343] 6892.1e-70
gi|23465085narrowly conserved hypothetical protein [Bifidobacterium longum NCC2705] 6354.6e-64
gi|189440148Putative AAA+ superfamily ATPase [Bifidobacterium longum DJO10A] 6337.0e-64
gi|23465818hypothetical protein with similarity to Mycoplasma fermentans orfE1 of insertion... 5763.3e-57
gi|188159698hypothetical protein Mmycm_03605 [Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides LC str. GM... 5631.0e-55
gi|189440452Putative AAA+ superfamily ATPase [Bifidobacterium longum DJO10A] 5493.6e-54

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