3-D Structure Page - What is here?

Last Update Nov. 1, 1996
This page contains information on known structures from the protein kinase family. If you know of omissions please tell us

For each structure you will find all or part of the following information:


Pertinent references.


The structure information has been processed by Helen Berman and Katan Patel using software maintained by the Nucleic Acid Database Project (NDB)


A snapshot query from the SDSC structural database called MOOSE for those structures deposited with the Protein Data Bank (PDB) and not on hold. Provides a launch point for further interrogation of the structure.

Walk Through

A graphical walk through of the structure with salient features introduced using the frames capability supported by some browsers. This is only available for the major members of the family.


For those structures accessible in the PDB, structures can be viewed using a variety of rendering tools, including MoleculesR'US, RasMol, QuickPDB, VRML, etc.