Recombinant O. cuniculus Catalytic Domain (Truncated [1-298] Gamma Subunit) Complexed with Mn2+/Beta-Gamma-Imidoadenosine 5'-Triphosphate

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The binary complex with Mn2+/beta-gamma-imidoadenosine 5'-triphosphate (AMPPNP) to a resolution of 2.6 A


[1] Owen DJ; Noble ME; Garman EF; Papageorgiou AC; Johnson LN (1995) Two structures of the catalytic domain of phosphorylase kinase: an active protein kinase complexed with substrate analogue and product. Structure 3: 467-82. [

[2] Henderson SJ; Newsholme P; Heidorn DB; Mitchell R; Seeger PA; Walsh DA; Trewhella J (1992) Solution structure of phosphorylase kinase studied using small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering. Biochemistry 31: 437-42.

[3] Norcum MT; Wilkinson DA; Carlson MC; Hainfeld JF; Carlson GM (1994) Structure of phosphorylase kinase. A three-dimensional model derived from stained and unstained electron micrographs. J Mol Biol 241: 94-102.

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