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Specific Substrate

Hello, Kinasers

Have a happy New Year and wish all your kinase researches bear lots of fruits
this year!

I have a question about a new kinase I cloned. Its got a long Asn stretch (about
40a.a. long) between DFG and APE motif of kinase consensus, but has all the
consensus sequences of serine/threonine kinase. When I tested its kinase assay
with MBP, I found nothing. Only very weak auto-phosphorylation activity found
when overexposed. So, this suggests that the kinase is not dead, but better find
a good substrate for it. 

Given that MBP is a very promiscuous kinase substrate, it wouldn't be that easy
to find a specific substrate for my kinase.  If anyone has a  good advice or
comment on this matter, I would really appreciate!

And also, I don't believe many serine/threonine kinase auto-phosphorylate, so
please tell me what serine e/threonine kinase autophosphorylate itself if anyone

Sincerely, Leung

Leung Kim, Ph.D.