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Re: Scanners for Densitometry

We have had good success with the Agfa Arcus II scanner. It has a good
dynamic range and linearity. Molecular Dynamics use a modified version of
the Arcus II in their commercial densitometer system. We have also tried HP
scanners but without much success. I can't comment on any of the others.

Regards, Nick Webster

>Dear Kinase Folk,
>Can anyone advise me on the best flatbed scanner to buy for densitometry of
>western blots.
>Andrew, M. Hynes PhD,
>Neural Development Unit,
>Institute of Child Health,
>30 Guilford Street,
>London WC1N 1EH,
>United Kingdom
>Tel: 44-171-905-2230
>E-mail: A.Hynes@ich.ucl.ac.uk

Nicholas J.G. Webster, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Medicine (0673)
University of California, San Diego
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