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overlaying gels

I prefer to use 1% SDS to overlay my gels.  - Lee

>I always overlay might gels with water-saturated isobutanol and I have
>never encountered this problem. We have had problems with isobutanol
>several times in the lab, though. The problems have arisen from the fact
>that some people have used non-watersaturated isobutanol, i e they have
>just added new isobutanol to the bottle without shaking it with water, or
>they have used n-butanol by mistake.
>Yours sincerely, Lars Rönnstrand
>Michael Gribskov wrote:
>>>I once experienced this problem when overlaying the running gel with
>>>organic solvent,
>>>i.e. isobutanol satuarated with buffer.  The solution: don't overlayer.

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