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Re: everyone who cares

Criticisms such as this will inhibit many people from ever speaking up on
this format.  It is obvious from the general tone of the questions that
most of the participants are fairly new to kinase work.  Many of these
people work in situations where there isn't anyone down the hall to ask the
obvious question of and they don't trust that the information in catalogues
is correct or complete (which it often isn't).  Yet they are working on
interesting problems and I for one would like to see them feel free to
participate.  I think that it is in discussions about the "trivial" issues
that people begin to trust each other and feel free to open up and start
talking about other things that will probably prove more interesting.   It
will pay us in the long run to invest some time with the beginners.

To me, a group like this is like an extended lab group.  The more we share
with each other, the faster the problems get solved.   For us as a society
to get the maximum return on our investment in grant funds, it is useful to
avoid situations where valuable minds will spend a lot of time reinventing
the wheel or working on trivial problems.

I know that many people reply directly to the person asking the question,
rather than to the server, because they are afraid of bothering people.  I
personally would like to see more people reply to the server.  If the flow
of e-messages from the server is bothersome, you can ask your local
computer experts to show you how to filter your e-mail to separate

Katheryn Resing