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discussion group

As long as this issue of helping beginners out has come up, one of our
members suggests a possible way that this net could be of greater use for
this teaching function.  So I agreed to put this idea to the group and see
if there was any interest.  What he proposes is compiling a fact file on
individual areas that the kinase field touches upon.  Someone could begin
with a brief overview that gives an outline of possible topics, along with
a list of recommended reading.  Then people could ask questions within this
area.  If each of us adds our little bit of expertese, we could rapidly
educate everyone, and I bet even the experts would be surprised what comes
out of it.  This could then be compiled and stored at the kinase web page,
if they are willing to do this.

One staring point would be to review the questions that have come in.  The
file could be an open file-i.e. others would make suggestions to add to the
file over time.  Hopefully people would send in what they consider to be
definitive methods or reviews.

I would propose that one topic would be to review kinase enzymology.  Maybe
we could get Susan Taylor or someone from her lab to start us out.  Is Joe
Adams out there amongst our following?  Maybe he could write on enzymology
of PKA.  If we take this up, I would be glad to contribute a brief overview
of what we have learned about kinase activation mechanisms from our
deuterium exchange mass spec work.  Don't be shy, people.  Together we can
do what we cannot do alone.

If you have other topics you'd like to see on such a discussion "net", let
me know--I'll organize them and resubmit them to the group, if this idea

Katheryn Resing