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GFP as Kinase activity sensor

Dear kinasers,

I wonder if someone has been able to turn GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) 
into an "activity sensor" for protein kinases. This might be achieved by 
inserting a target peptide containing a consensus site for the kinase in 
question into the GFP sequence, thus turning GFP into a substrate. 
Dependent on the localization of the phosphorylatable insert, the GFP 
might show a change in its fluorescent properties. This way one could 
observe the "turning on" of a protein kinase in vivo and in realtime, 
using cells transfected with such a GFP reporter. 
I dont know if this has been done already, the company marketing GFP 
products (Clontech) doestn know anything, and nothiong has been published.



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