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Re: alkaline phosphatase


we have been very pleased with the lambda phosphatase sold by New England
Biolabs (Cat. No. 753). It comes with its own buffer concentrate, has
extremely high specific activity, is highly purified and has a broad
specificity. We use it in all our mass spectrometry dephosphorylation
experiments and, because of it's purity and the tiny amounts you need to
add, we can directly analyse the reaction mixture on the mass spectrometer.

If your needs are not this sophisticated then any old alkaline phosphatase
should work, we've used the calf liver enzyme (Boehringer Cat. No. 108 138)
and it will work in almost any neutralish buffer, even something as simple
as 50mM ammonium bicarbonate.

Good luck....Ken

>I would like to use the alkaline phosphatase for dephosphorylation of
>proteins.Could you tell me where to buy it and the buffer.
>many thanks,


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