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Re: Scanners for Densitometry

Dear Kinasers,
	I am writing this to inform all the kinasers that I will be in the
US from the 13th of June to 24th July, since i have been selected for the
Woods hole course. I was wondering if I could visit nay lab, for a formal
talk or to work for a short period of time, as the condition may be. I
have been a member of the kinase club, since its inception. I have been
working on role of protein kinases in the moss Funaria hygrometrica, and
have found that a calcium-dependent 44 kDa PK seem to play a role in the
auxin-induced differentiation pathway. On the other hand, a 38 kDa MAP
kinase seems to be playing a role in the abscisic-acid - induced
stress-response. I am currently working at the Tata Institute of
Fundamental Research and have 14 years of biochemical experience. I am due
to finish my Ph.D in a year's time.
Thanking-you in earnest,
Jacinta D'Souza