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MAP kinase translocation

Dear ALL,
We are currently working with antibodies to fully-activated 
(dually-phosphorylated) erk1/2 MAP kinase, JNK and p38 in 
immunocytochemical monolayer systems. Our systems allow us to see 
both nuclear and cytoplasmic immunostaining in human tumour cells. I 
was under the impression that the fully-activated forms of these 
kinases should be nuclearly-located, hence I cannot readily 
rationalize the cytoplasmic component we are seeing (which, by the 
way, is not non-specific as, like the nuclear staining, is blockable 
by relevant inhibitors and also primed by growth factors). Is my 
belief regarding nuclear translocation of these  signalling 
elements therefore somewhat simplistic??
I can't find anything conclusive in the literature to help! 
Your wisdom in this regard would thus be greatly appreciated!!!!

Julia Gee

University of Wales College of Medicine,
Cardiff, UK.