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Re: Gamma-ATP

Sigma sells a ready-to-use gamma-phosphate-linked ATP affinity sepharose.
I would be very interested if this works. In our hands, early batches from
UBI worked out fine, while later batches didnt, and other researchers have
experienced the same.


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On Fri, 21 May 1999 ksrivenu@notes.mdacc.tmc.edu wrote:

> Dear Kinase Researchers:
> I am looking for a commercial source to purchase
> adenosine-5'(gamma-4-aminophenyl)-triphosphate to prepare a affinity column
> for protein kinases.  Literature indicates that  gamma-phosphate linked ATP
> is structurally  a sound  ligand for specific binding of protein kinases
> (EJB 214, 459-467, 1993, and others). I do know  that USB was marketing it
> until 2 years ago, but have discontinued. If anyone knows a company that
> has gamma-aminophenyl ATP either in the US or abroad, please let me know.
> Thanks for your help.
> K.S. Srivenugopal, Ph.D.
> MD Anderson Cancer Center
> Houston, TX
> email: ksrivenu@mdacc.tmc.edu