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Rat PKC-Epsilon PCR Primers.

Dear Kinasers,

We are trying to inhibit PKC Epsilon expression in Rat L6 Myocytes with
antisense oligonucletides and need to be able to perform RT-PCR to assay
effectiveness. At the moment we are having to use western blotting which is
unsatisfactory for several reasons, chief of which is the fact that
PKC-Epsilon has a long half-life and therefore we cannot tell if our
inhibition has been successful for several days after treatment. However, we
cannot find any published sequences for rat PKC-Epsilon PCR primers and the
only sequence we can find for rat PKC-Epsilon is a cDNA sequence (therefore
giving no information regarding intron-exon boundaries).

If anyone has a working PCR primer set for Rat PKC-Epsilon we would be very
grateful for information on the primer sequences and cycling conditions. I
am trying to design some myself but it is an in-exact and time consuming
process, especially with the lack of intron/exon information.

Thanks for any help,

Samuel Gray,
Division of Vascular Medicine,
Derbyshire Royal Infirmary,