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Re: p38

Dear kinasers,

If we are to believe the many expts by the  Davis lab, Cobb lab, Cohen
lab  etc.,  then Phosphoamino acid analysis and kinase ACTIVITY assays
would suggest, in general, a correlation between dual phosphorylation
and activity.

It has been mentioned before that NEB and Santa cruz abs may not as
reliable as the traditional assays!
Would people aggree or disagree with this statement?

daniel caffrey


> Dear All,
> A question that has come to mind from Brigitte's query re: the
> correlation (and anomalies) between dual phosphorylation of p38 and
> resultant activity. What is the current concensus regarding whether
> there is a correlation between dual phosphorylation  and activity for
> the Jun kinases and erk1/2 kinases too? We are measuring
> the phosphorylation status of the various MAP kinase family members
> by immunocytochemistry.
> Julia Gee
> Tenovus Cancer Research Centre, UK

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