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Dear researchers

I have got H441 (lung adenocarcinoma) cells stably transfected with  plasmid constructs having(1) antisense cDNA of dominant negative mutant of PKC beta II and (2) dominant neagtive mutant mutant of PKC beta II. As expected, cells transfected with Dominant negative PKC beta II construct(2) showed significantly reduced PKC beta II activity. On the other side cells transfected with construct having antisense cDNA of this dominant negative mutant (1), showed two fold increase in PKC beta II activity. Can anybody help me to understand, what exactly is happening, why I am getting increase in PKC beta II activity with antisense construct of dominant negative mutant of PKC beta II ?


Shanjana Awasthi
University of Texas Health Sci Ctr at San Antonio
San Antonio Texas
e-mail: shanjana@eudoramail.com
fax: (210)567 4410

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