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Opportunities for two Senior Molecular/Cell biologists

Dear All:

I enclose details of two current employment opportunities available 
for cell signalling studies within the The Tenovus Cancer Research 
Centre, Cardiff, UK. Interested parties should reply as soon as 
possible, as it is intended that the posts will run from Autumn 1999. 
The duration of these posts (following an initial probationary 
period)  will be up to 7 yrs. I would be very grateful if you could 
bring this to the attention of any potentialy interested individuals. 

'The Tenovus Cancer Research Centre invites applications for two 
senior molecular/cell biologist positions to reinforce an existing 
team of 20 graduate scientists working at the forefront of breast and 
prostate cancer research. Our current studies focus on investigating 
the cell signallig associated with loss of endocrine response in 
these important cancer types, where their targeting and inhibition 
represents an important goal of our research.

These posts have resulted from an expansion in the group following 
the relocation of the Tenovus Cancer Research Centre to purpose-built 
laboratories within the Welsh School of Pharmacy, a Grade 5 rated 
research department in Cardiff University, one of the UK's leading 
research universities. Appointments will be made on the R & A II/III 
scale depending on research experience.

Applicants should have a proven track record in molecular biology 
research, with particular experience in either cell signalling of 
those technologies which relate to the differential expression of 
mRNA and protein species within cells. Please send a curriculum vitae 
to Professor R Nicholson (Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff 
University, Redwood Building, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff
CF10 9HJ, Wales, UK or telephone +44 1222 742485 for further 


Julia MW Gee
Senior Research Fellow,
Tenovus Cancer Research Centre, Cardiff, UK