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To one-n'-all:

The kinases email discussion group is currently configured so that
non-subscribers can send email to the list. Our original reasoning is that
we wanted ALL (subscribers and non-subscribers alike!) to be able to
contribute to the list discussions. But given the current state
of the Internet (e.g., indiscriminate email messaging by telemarketers,
etc.) this provides a door for messages that we do not want.

Hence, I'm going to 'close' the list to NON-SUBSCRIBERS. That is, ONLY
subscribers will be able to post messages to the list. This should prevent
most of the spamming messages, but this is not a fool-proof mechanism. All
a spammer has to do is join the list to send messages. We have other
mechanisms to deal with this situation when it arises.

Hopefully, this new change will prevent the 'minor' spamming that the list
has encounters these past few months.

interim kinases list admin


Christopher M. Smith, PhD
National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure
San Diego Supercomputer Center
University of California - San Diego
San Diego, California  92093-0505
(619) 534-8370 (voice)
      822-0861 (FAX)