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Re: kinases protein kinase antibodies

HI Kinasers

Regarding antibodies against kinases to distinguish between
active/inactive forms I have good experience with cdc2 and cdk2.
In a 15 % SDS-PAGE, active cdc2 (faster migrating) can be separated from
inactive cdc2 (phosphorylated at Thr14/Tyr15). The antibody recognising
both cdc2 forms is PC25 from Calbiochem/Oncogene.   
For cdk2 I use Santa Cruz: Cat# sc-163, which is good for both IP,
kinase assay and Western Blotting, where cdk2 can be separated under same
conditions as for cdc2, with the activated cdk2 migrating slightly faster
(phosphorylated at the CAK site), than the inactive form of the


Simon S Jensen. Ph.D.-student
Dept. of Cell Cycle and Cancer
The Danish Cancer Society
Strandboulevarden 49 
Copenhagen, Denmark.