PK Regulatory Protein Sequence Compendium


Accession Number SubClass Organism Sequence Length (bp)

AGC Group I: cAMP-PK's

a25652 RII-alpha S. scrofa (Pig) 169
a41929 RII-beta R. norvegicus (Rat) 64
j02934 RII R. norvegicus (Rat) 370
j02935 RII M. musculus (Mouse) 401
j05692 RII B. taurus (Cow) 418
k00833 RI B. taurus (Cow) 57
kapr_drome RI D. melanogaster (Fruit Fly) 377
l33917 RI U. maydis (Corn Smut Fungi) 522
m12492 RII R. norvegicus (Rat) 415
m15081 RI D. discoideum (Slime Mold) 328
m17086 RI R. norvegicus (Rat) 381
m17223 RI S. cerevisiae (Baker's Yeast) 416
m18468 RI H. sapien (Human) 381
m20473 RI M. musculus (Mouse) 382
m65066 RI-alpha H. sapien (Human) 381
m68861 RII-beta M. musculus (Mouse) 100
m81713 RI B. emersonii (Fungi) 403
okbo2r RII-alpha B. taurus (Cow) 400
okhur2 RII-beta H. sapien (Human) 418
okms2r RII M. musculus (Mouse) 401
okrt1r RI-alpha R. norvegicus (Rat) 381
s64905 RI S. pombe (Fission Yeast) 411
u19887 RII S. purpuratus (Urchin) 370
x04709 RII S. scrofa (Pig) 155
x05051 RI S. cerevisiae (Baker's Yeast) 416
x05942 RI S. scrofa (Pig) 380
x62382 RI(N4) A. californica (Sea Hare) 378
z21958 RII H. sapien (Human) 1825

AGC Group I: cGMP-PK's

kgp1_drome N/A D. melanogaster (Fruit Fly) 768
kgp2_drome N/A D. melanogaster (Fruit Fly) 1088
m30147 N/A D. melanogaster (Fruit Fly) 894
s05035 RI-beta B. taurus (Cow) 323
x16086 N/A B. taurus (Cow) 671
x54289 N/A B. taurus (Cow) 293
y07512 RI-beta H. sapien (Human) 686

CMGC Group: Cyclin-PK's

x80343 N/A H. sapien (Human) 308
m26033 N/A S. cerevisiae (Baker's Yeast) 150

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