This section of the resource contains the sequence alignments for protein kinase regulatory subunits/domains. Currently, information is available on only the cAMP, cGMP, and cyclin-dependent PK's. The alignments and a clustering diagram were created using the "pileup" routine of the GCG/Wisconsin Package, which is based upon the UPGMA method (Sneath, PHA & Shokal, RR (1973) Numerical Taxonomy, W.H. Freeman & Co., San Franscisco, CA, p 230-234).

The sequence alignment classification scheme conforms to the protein kinase classification system developed by Steven Hanks.

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All Classes Alignment Cluster Diagram

AGC Group I: cAMP Alignment Cluster Diagram
AGC Group I (cAMP): Type I RP Class Alignment Cluster Diagram
AGC Group I (cAMP): Type II RP Class Alignment Cluster Diagram

AGC Group I: cGMP Alignment Cluster Diagram

CMGC Group: Cyclin Alignment Cluster Diagram


Regulatory Subunits Sequence Entry Compendium

Alignment & Diagram Legend (*)

An alignment is presented in a default mode or as a customized display created by the user. Each aligned protein is identified by it's accession number, which is linked to it's Entrez GenPept report. The custom display interface includes controls to modify how the alignment is displayed. The user can choose the color scheme for each of the amino acids, and select which proteins in a group, which section of an alignment, and the scroll length of each alignment is displayed.
Cluster Diagram:
a dendogram indicating pairwise clustering relationships amongst the sequences aligned in each group.

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