NEW ! Additions to the Protein Kinase Resource

v2.1 - January 1998

Compendium of All Protein Kinases (Catalytic Domain)
Updated list of protein kinase & protein-kinase-related proteins.

Protein Kinase Researchers List
Listing of researchers exceeds 125

PKR Mirrors
Univ Nebraska-Lincoln (US)

v1.4 - September 1997

Compendium of All Protein Kinases (Catalytic Domain)
Approximately 3800 protein kinase & protein-kinase-related proteins listed.

Updated Sequence Alignments and an Alignment Custom Visualization Tool
Display subsets of alignments.
Color highlighting of specific residues.

Protein Kinase Researchers List
Listing of researchers exceeds 100

Updated PK Structures Summary

Dynamic Mirroring of PKR
Instructions & software for creating a PKR mirror are provided.

PKR Mirrors
NIH-NET (Japan)

v1.3 - June 1997

PKR Advisory Board
An advisory board ("steering committee") was created will help establish short- and long-term goals, oversee scientific content, and aid in the development of resources.

Protein Kinase Classification
Listing of Protein Kinases according to the ORGANISM from which they were isolated.

Protein Kinase Researchers List
More additions to the list

v1.2 - April 1997

Protein Kinase Researchers List
More additions to the list (Miller, Steele, Sudol, Woodget)

Lab Notebook Additions
Tyrosine Kinase Assay
Proteolytic Cleavage/Peptide Mapping
Phosphoamino Acid Analysis
Generic Protein Physico-Chemical Analytical Techniques
General Collections of Protocols

Regulatory Subunit/Domain - Protein
Alignment classes regrouped according to Hanks Classification System
Cyclin-PK (CMGC Group) alignment

Protein Kinase Meetings
Added 3 new meetings to list

Other Protein Families
Added new links to information resources for 17 protein families

3D Structures Summary Table
Structure summary table now includes more features information (e.g., open/closed conformation, resolution, etc.), and an additional 8 protein kinase structures.
Static images updated for several structures

v1.1 - February 1997

Meetings, Conferences, Symposia
A list of meetings, etc. relevant to the Protein Kinase researcher.

Protein Kinase Researchers List
A beginning compendium of Protein Kinase researchers with web pages.

Subscribe to the Protein Kinase E-Mail Discussion Group
A web forms-based automated mechanism to subscribe the the kinases group

Lab Notebook
A cookbook of techniques and recipes used by researchers at the bench

Regulatory Subunit/Domain - Protein Alignments & Classification

PK General Project Information
Information on project goals, participants, support, etc.

Background Information of Protein Kinases
Structure walk-through's which highlight functionally important components of the protein structure
Links to other protein information sources
K12 authored information on proteins

Other Protein Families
Links to information resources for other protein families

3D Structure
Interactive structural viewing via QuickPDB, RasMol, PDB3DViewer
Expanded list of protein kinases with coordinate files
Comparative structure features via structure superimposition, temperature factor collages, and 2D contact maps.
Links to general protein information resources
Inforamtion and links to modeling software and web browser helper applications

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