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Bioimaging Society was founded in Japan to promote interdisciplinary studies in the rapidly developing field of imaging science as successfuly applied to a wide variety of biological structure and phenomena. Recent advances in computer science have facilitated all kinds of biolobical imaging, which are now crucial in many fields of biology and medicine. The Society inherited the previous efforts and activities of a group of Japanese scientists who were interested in this new and fast growing field. The Society intends to provide a unique forum for discussion of imaging and image analysis of biological structures, imaging of dynamic features of motile, biochmical and metabolic processes, imaging of molecular structures, and imaging for molecular modelling and drug design. A common feature of all such imaging work is the use of computer-assisted imaging and image processing, for which interdisciplinary studies are essential. In order to pursur these developments, scientists with varied expertise should get together to communicate and discuss the rapid advanced in imaging science.


International Symposium for Bioimaging
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5th International Symposium for Bioimaging - Singapore

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Bioimages Official Journal
Bioimages provides a forum mainly for original reports on biological imaging, and is devoted to the publication of practical and theoreticalpapers on the development of imaging methods and their applications tho the fields of biological and medical sciences.

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