Welcome to the Asia Pacific Meeting of Vasculitis and ANCA Workshop 2012

Dear Colleagues,

   On behalf of the Asia Pacific Meeting of Vasculitis and ANCA Workshop 2012 (AP-VAS, 2012) committee. The meeting will take place March 28 - 31, 2012 at the Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

   The meeting is focusing on vasculitis and ANCA associated vasculitis in Asia-Pacific area.
   As you can see from the program on our website, this will be a high profile event and will draw scientists and physicians from around the world, all of whom are committed to the care of patients with vasculitis, ANCA and related diseases. This Asia Pacific international meeting will be able to extend insights into Kawasaki disease, Takayasu arteritis, and MPO-AAV.
   The programme will address the multi-disciplinary nature of vasculitis, in particular the specialities of Rheumatology, Nephrology, Angiology, Kawasaki Disease, Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Respiratory Diseases, Pulmonology, Dermatology, Vascular Surgery, Dermatology, Neurology, Ocular Inflammation, Dialysis Therapy, Pathology, Immunology, Clinical Immunology, Inflammation, Regeneration, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Myeloperoxidase and Bioimaging.
   This meeting will be the first held in the Asia Pacific area, and is organized with the co-operation of the European vasculitis Study Group (EUVAS) and Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium (VCRC).

The sessions in this meeting will focus on -

Opening Lecture
Special Lecture
    - Kawasaki Disease
Keynote Lecture
    - Takayasu Arteritis
International Initiatives in Vasculitis Classification
    - The 2011 Chapel Hill Consensus Conference and DCVAS Projects
Plenary Lecture
    1. Classification and Diagnosis of Vasculitis Syndrome
    2. New Generation Therapy of AAV
Educational Lecture
    1. Genetics in AAV
    2. Renal Pathology in AAV
    3. Pulmonary Involvement in AAV
    4. Skin and Neuronal Involvement in AAV
    1. Pathogenesis of Vasculitis Syndrome
    2. Epidemiology and Clinical Feature of Large Vessel Vasculitis
    3. ANCA and New Biomarkers
    4. Therapeutic Angiogenesis
    5. Epidemiology and Clinical Feature of Medium to Small Vessel Vasculitis
    6. Kawasaki Disease
    7. Clinical Investigation of AAV
Case Discussion
    1. Pulmonary-limited MPA: A New Entity of MPA?
    2. ANCA negative vasculitis / MPO-ANCA positive GPA (under consideration)
Poster Workshop 8 sessions
Luncheon Seminar 6 sessions
Closing Session

Please join us in Shinagawa, TOKYO, to share knowledge and deepen understanding of vasculitis at the meeting.

Finally, we would also like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the scientists, people and governments from around the world for contributing supports to Japan in regards to the March 11th Tsunami disaster in Tohoku.


Kazuo Suzuki

On behalf of Local Organizers
The President of AP-VAS Meeting, 2012


Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine,
Inflammation Program, Department of Immunology