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Atlas of Actinomycetes ******

In commemoration of its 10th anniversary, the Society for Actinomycetes Japan (SAJ) announces the publication of ``The Atlas of Actinomycetes'', the world's first comprehensive reference to these important and fascinating microorganisms. Actinomycetes are a group of morphologically diverse Gram positive bacteria with high G+C content DNA. Actinomycetes are the source of about two thirds of the over 10,000 bioactive compounds known and also the source of valuable enzymes and vitamins. Many actinomycete products are vital in human and veterinary medicine and agriculture. Over the past two decades a variety of new genera and species have been described, expanding the actinomycetes to include Micrococcus, coryne-form bacteria, mycobacteria, etc. In addition, many fine electron micrographs are now available. The high level of interest in actinomycetes and the profusion of data now available has motivated the SAJ to produce this volume for the benefit of researchers and educators worldwide.

The Atlas is a product of international cooperation among over 120 actinomycete researchers at 49 organizations in 10 different countries. The Atlas contains 440 micrographs of 190 strains in 55 genera. It is bilingual (English and Japanese), A4-sized, 244 pages in length and includes reviews of taxonomy, and structure descriptions of compounds produced.

Shinji Miyadoh, Ph.D. (Editor in chief)
Kunimoto Hotta, Ph.D. (Publication chief of the Atlas)

Atlas of Actinomycetes: ISBN4-254-17098-X C3645
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